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585,00 €
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PVP: 648 € PRECIO: 585 €

Vintage White Distressed
Body: Alder
Neck: Hard Maple – Bolt On
Fingerboard: 7 1/4" Rosewood
Frets: 21
Tuners: Wilkinson® Deluxe WJ55D EZ-Lok™
Vibrato: Wilkinson® WVCD
Scale: 25.5"/648mm
Pickups: Wilkinson® single coil x 3 aged ivory
(N) WVS (M) WVSM rw/rp(B) WHCC
(Back tone push/push hum-cancelling extra coil)
Controls: 1 Volume, 2 Tone, 5-Way Selector
Scratchplate: 3-ply distressed
Hardware: Nickel

Over recent years, many guitar enthusiasts have admired the virtuosic electric guitar style of Thomas Blug, one of Europe’s most respected players.

In addition, Thomas’ work as a product development consultant and product demonstrator for Hughes & Kettner guitar amplification means he is a regular must-see feature at music expos and shows worldwide, alongside his own sought-after CD releases and tuition DVDs, as well as performances with the Thomas Blug Band which includes keyboardist Thijs Van Leer, erstwhile mainstay of Dutch rock legends, Focus.

Thomas has one of the most recognisable guitar sounds in the world, playing with a fluid, melodic and powerful style, and has over the years, become synonymous with his much-loved and instantly recognisable electric guitar, a well-used faded Olympic White ‘61.

As a player who has been the inspiration to thousands of players, Thomas chose Trev Wilkinson, and UK guitar brand Vintage®, to prove the point that it is possible to create in a signature guitar an instrument which faithfully recreates the unique attributes of his beloved white ‘61.
With its battle-scarred body, custom electronics and personalised switching all added to the already exceptionally well-specc’d Vintage® ReIssued Series™ V6 guitar, players looking for an edge with this iconic design, and who also perhaps aspire to emulate Thomas’ spine- tingling sound, can now buy exactly the same instrument which he uses in his day-to-day work.

“Outstanding”, comments Thomas on his Vintage V6 Signature Model, which we’ve all come to refer to as the “ElastaPlastaBlugaCasta” in reference to the first ever sample the Vintage team showed me 4 years ago, with the brand name covered by a Band-Aid®. “To achieve all this, in an instrument which literally anyone can afford, even a first time buyer, is an unbelievable achievement. Working closely with Trev Wilkinson to translate every subtle part of my guitar has been a labour of love.”

“Working with the Vintage® team has proven that there are still people in the commercial side of our business who are total ‘guitar heads’ and who really do care about producing honest instruments without compromise,” continues Thomas. “Getting the best guitars into players’ hands without emptying their wallets and bank accounts! Quite amazing.”

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Ref: 3424

OMEC TELEPORT by Orange Amplifiers . TELEPORT es la última interfaz de audio para estudio y directo. La interfaz de OMEC Teleport es un dispositivo de conexión universal (IOS, Android, Mac, PC) sin controladores específicos ni requisitos de software. Cuenta con conversores AD/DA de alta calidad, a través de un conector USB B, montado en un pedal de efectos muy pequeño. El Teleport permite convertir ambas señales de audio analógico (un instrumento por ejemplo) a digital para ser procesadas con las muchas aplicaciones disponibles. Además, Teleport ofrece la posibilidad de convertir señales de audio digital a analógicas (a través de mezcladores, cajas D.I., amplificadores, etc.). Gracias a su versatilidad, Teleport se puede utilizar para múltiples aplicaciones: para reproducir, grabar, mezclar o procesar el sonido, con la autonomía que brindan los dispositivos móviles; en aplicaciones Bluetooth, como teclistas o DJ que usan los mismos dispositivos para sus sesiones; incluso para convertir la música almacenada en dichos dispositivos a analógica con calidad renovada. Teleport ya está disponible en nuestros showrooms de Gijón @alsmusicfactory y Avilés @alsmusicfactoryaviles , con un PVPR de 119€. Principales características: Mono IN y Stereo OUT con buffer paralelo. Latencia: 17.4/fS segundos en AD, 14.3/fS segundos en DA. (1 femtosecond = 10-15 seg.). Interface: USB 2.0 compatible con iOS, Android, Mac y PC. MIDI: Compatible con Jam Origin MIDI Guitar. Incluye AmpliTube CS con virtual OR120, Tiny Terror, Rockerverb 50, AD30 y Orange Cabs. Conversores AD/DA de alta calidad. Buffered Bypass. Superligero (0.149 kg) Alimentación 9v (no alimentado por USB). Compatibilidad: Logic, ProTools, Reason, Ableton, Cubase, Garage Band, Wizdom Music, Jam Origin, IK Multimedia, Two Notes, Eventide, Roli

119,00 €


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Construido alrededor de un par de versiones reeditadas de las legendarias MN3005 bucket-brigade delay , el inconfundible carácter analógico de este delay es frontal y central. Tonal Recall es concebido sobre los clásicos sonidos vintage asociados a los delay analógicos de antaño. No renuncia tampoco a las comodidades modernas como tap tempo, bypass opcional con trails, control de expresión sobre cualquier parámetro y la posibilidad de guardar ajustes preestablecidos. Cada botón y el interruptor está conectado a un pequeño cerebro digital mientras que la señal de la guitarra se mantiene en 100% analógico siempre, no se procesa digitalmente. Dado que el control del efecto es digital, se abren efectos y características sin precedentes que nunca se han escuchado o sólo se ofrecen en stompboxes analógicos. Forget everything you know about analog delay, this one’s different. Built around a pair of re-issued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips, the unmistakable analog character of this delay is front and center along with its velvety tape-like modulation. Tonal Recall expands upon the classic vintage sounds associated with analog delays of yesteryear while bringing modern amenities such as tap tempo, optional bypass with trails, expression control over any parameter, and the ability to save presets. Every knob and switch is connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog the entire time and never gets digitally processed. Since the control of the effect is digital, it opens up unprecedented effects and features that have never been heard or offered in analog stompboxes.

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Ref: 1835

142,00 €


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