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Amplificadores de guitarra

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ORANGE TINY TERROR 10TH ANNIVERSARY SERIAL NUMBER 097 OF 110 HAND WIRED HEAD & 1X10" CELESTION GOLD ALNICO 2016 marks the tenth anniversary of the amp that rocked the world – the game changing Tiny Terror. Described by Guitarist magazine as one of “”, the Tiny Terror is the original ‘lunchbox’ amplifier. Its clever design, unique sound and deceptive versatility single-handedly kick-started the low wattage amp craze. It’s appeared on countless stages and been a mainstay in top studios since its introduction. A decade on, it still continues to set the standard by which all others must be judged. To commemorate this musical landmark, our UK Custom Shop has been busy, working to produce 110 limited edition compact half-stacks. Codenamed ‘Shiny Terror’, the 10th Anniversary model is a point-to-point hand-wired version of the original, housed in a stunning mirror-effect, polished stainless steel chassis. Using only the finest quality components without a turret board in sight, each amp head also comes complete with its own open-back speaker cabinet – not sold separately. Finished in British racing green and fitted with a brace of 10” Celestion G10 Gold alnico speakers, the pair dovetail seamlessly to produce the ultimate Terror tone. Designer Ade Emsley on the 10th Anniversary Edition… I like to keep things simple. The Tiny Terror is probably the amp I’m most proud of. The idea was to make a small amp that didn’t sound like a small amp – all valve, tight, punchy, springy – that didn’t have that ‘5 Watt single-ended amp sound’, which definitely sounds like a small amp! The Tiny Terror meant you could take a proper amp in a gigbag on the train or the bus to the show, borrow a 4×12? cab from another band on the bill and blow everyone away. I love output valve distortion and, for me, EL84s have the most musical saturation. 15 Watts cranked is the perfect volume to achieve it. The circuit I came up with for the Tiny Terror was designed with that in mind. It’s a unique channel with only three controls – gain, volume and tone – but it gives you everything from clean to pretty ridiculous. The first gang of the gain pot increases the gain of the first stage and the second gang of the pot increases the impedance of the second stage. This results in the signal pushing into the output valves evenly all the way up. It’s a real musician’s amplifier, so when you play softly you get glistening cleans, and when you dig in it crunches up into rich overdrive – all with the touch of your hands. The 10th Anniversary model is a hand wired version of the standard Terror. The more traditional components add a certain character to the sound. Carbon comp. resistors pass a signal in a certain way and, with a proper hard-wired amp, you’re effectively soldering solid core legs of components together, so the top end is even sweeter and more defined. The construction of this 10th Anniversary edition is actually slightly different from my hard-wired prototypes. The first Tiny Terror I made was on a tag board, whereas the 10th Anniversary model is totally true point-to-point on a strip. It’s much more fiddly and involved this way but you end up with something that looks as smart as it sounds. The cabinet… There’s something magical that happens when you smash two 10” alnico speakers with two EL84s and a good output transformer. It just rings with a bell-like quality. It’s the last piece of the puzzle and it’s basically the sound I heard growing up with the likes of AC/DC. That was the sound that got me interested in the first place! In a 2×10” cabinet, the two speakers react together in a certain way, which really complements the Tiny Terror. We’ve never made a 2×10 guitar cabinet before, but it’s my favourite configuration. I’ve worked with Celestion for nearly 15 years, and I had a lot of input into development of the G10 Gold speakers. Before that, there hadn’t really been a proper British 10” speaker since the ‘60s. Horseshoe magnets were about, but they never sounded as good as the classic alnico ring magnet. It’s the most musical sounding magnet with certain properties that no other material has. The Gold was designed from the ground up. We wanted more power handling than the early 10” speakers and every detail was carefully examined. Celestion even had to have the basket re-tooled as the initial one was lacking in articulation in the finished sound. It’s the best 10” alnico speaker in production today. Adrian EmsleyOrange Technical Director

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3  artículos disponibles
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